Vybe Defense Dust Cover

With logo engraved on the outside and inside engraved with “business is death” slogan LWM Billet Aluminum AR15 Platform Dust Covers This premium, badass AR15 (and variants) dust cover is machined from billet in one piece. The internal design allows for full sealing of the ejection port meaning that unless you deliberately submerge the weapon, you will not see water ingress and by default, you will not see dust ingress either. This design feature also allowed us to run the edges to the minimum thickness necessary yet still stabilize the part sufficiently so tool chatter is not a problem during manufacture. Finally, laser etching the part can be done without giving up corrosion resistance. Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum One-piece construction with serviceable parts to replace instead of buying a whole new dustcover, the kit can be purchased. Precise internal seal to ensure maximum protection from foreign objects and precipitation Lighter than the standard steel stamped version Mil-Spec hardcoat anodized Enhanced detent plunger that is serviceable (parts included) Uses standard spring and bar (not included) These dustcovers are serviceable. That means if you screw it up and toss the ball or spring you can order a replacement pack and not have to buy a whole new dustcover.


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The Vybe Defense Bolt Carrier Group

5.56 Enhanced Bolt Carrier -Black Nitride Compatible with all mil-spec AR15/M4 upper receivers, the Vybe Defense Bolt Carrier Group is a precision manufactured sub-assembly that will improve the reliability and consistency of your host weapon. The Vybe Defense carrier has facets instead of round sides. The carrier is manufactured from precision ground heat treated 8620 steel and has an S7 gas key secured screws and staked to 3,500ft/lbs. Bolts are 9310 steel, black nitrided (not mag phosphate), ground between centers to ensure absolute concentricity. Tool steel extractor, nitride cam pin, Black cotter pin and a precision ground stainless steel firing pin. Shot peened Precision ground between centers X-rayed One Year Warranty from time of purchase. Contact us for purchasing in one or in volume for resell.


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Gun and Knife Shows

I am here in Dothan Al at a gun and knife show.  Set up is great and the host s awesome.  There is a large selection of guns and knives.  We are located at the Peanut Festival Fairgrounds.  Be sure to look at all the tables do not rush.  Get the best deal you can.  Ask questions and listen well.  Always research your price and product well.

Growing Your Business

One thing I have learned in the knife business is understand the business and don’t burn bridges.  We do know its a competitive market and we all want to make it big. I was speaking to a great friend and business owner Rob Anderson of Paragon Knives/Asheville Steel tonight.   We discussed after noticing a rival competitor’s knife line.  The knife line was listed with one whole  seller and then with another whole seller.  One thing we noticed was a $200.00 difference in the price.  Now (1). One whole seller cannot sell the item and is dumping it. (2) One whole seller bought it a lot cheaper than the other at the same time and is promoting it.  But a $200.00 difference, come on.  You make the call.  I do know one thing large super established well know companies may get away with that.  But new starting off companies getting their name out their.  Kiss of death in the industry.  Cut your own throat easily. I do know one thing I want to make it in this business.

Buying A Gun Holster

Recently at a gun and knife show I met a young couple.  The couple had just bought a kydex (IWB) Inside the waist band holster.  So they got a sale price they were happy.  They stopped at my tables and started looking at the kydex holsters we have built under our name.

They told me they needed a Glock 43 IWB.  They then showed me what they had bought for an LCP.  I looked at it and started to compare it.  I was showing them the heat shield and how this fit on the right side inside the waist and how the glock 43 fit.  I then looked at thiers and they told me how the vendor explained that theirs fit IWB but you wear it backwards.  I then looked at the package and it was a left handed IWB.  The vendor basically said what they could believe to make the sale.  Very sad.  So please read everything you buy at gun shows. Know your weapon.  Know your needs.  We pride ourselves at gun and knife shows explaining products to you.

Kydex Holsters and Knife Sheaths

A lot of people think we just sell and enjoy knives.  Nope we like holsters too. Why you ask? Because we like guns.  We make badass kydex IWB ( Inside the waist holsters) and now OWB ( Outside the waist holsters).  We use a .80 kydex and we specialize in Glock and Sig Sauers.  We have recently added LCP, Taurus PT11 and Hi Point.. No one builds kydex for Hi Point so we said we will.

So we do kydex knife sheaths and holsters.  Come see us or simply visit our website.


What we help you with when buying a knife.

We pride ourselves on assisting and helping you find the right knife for you or whomever you are purchasing one for.  You might see us as Gear2survive at Georgia gun and knife shows.  We brag, we talk, we laugh we have fun.  We enjoy selling to you.  I mean its you the customer that keeps us in business.  We do have a brick and mortar store as well.

So when you come visit us for a knife we ask you several things.  What kind of knife ” fixed blade or folder?’ Whats is used for and what is your budget.  People look at us when we ask about budgets, like we want to know whats in your wallet or your personal finances.   No we just know everyone cannot afford the $200.00 knife.  Did I tell you we sell a lot of high end knives. Well we do have a lot of knives $50.00 to several hundred.  Here is the deal.  We like selling you good knives.  Why because you will come back and bring a friend if we spend time talking to you about it and explaining it.  Did I tell you our banner at the Gun and Knife Shows says ” We know the products we sell”.   There is a reason for that, we pick each knife we sell.  We know its manufacture, its warranty an anything else we can learn.  In most cases the steel and all the components.  Most importantly its uses.

I have been doing this almost 15 years now.  The love of knives became a hobby as a kid. I actually started Gear2survive with a tool bag from the army loaded with 30 knives and $40.00 at J an J Flea Market in Athens Georgia.  Yes outside weekend after weekend outside in all weather conditions.

So is it 01 steel, D2 steel, 440 stainless, 8670 high carbon steel, 1095 steel?  Fixed blade, folder, karambit, neck knife, hunting knife, fighting knife, EDC knife, pocket knife?help you.   Damascus steel,  does not matter, we want to   Auto knife, do you know your state laws on knives,  if not we can assist you with that too.  Well these are some things we care to help you with.  Hey if you exactly what you want we love it.  If not we want to help and gain that friendship.

So if you need us we are a call or email away.